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ACI-SMU Executive Certificate in Financial Markets Operations (IBF Level 1)

Course Synopsis

Technology and Operations (T&O) lies at the heart of  every bank’s ecosystem. A robust and efficient process is critical to ensure systems can support trade life cycles, customer accounts, product development and business enhancements. 

Singapore’s move towards a Smart Financial Centre demands a new breed of professionals for a rapidly evolving financial services sector. The ACI-SMU Executive Certificate in Financial Markets Operations (IBF Level 1) programme provides the foundational building blocks for aspiring professionals to harness new capabilities, to bring about more effective systems and work processes, to provide better services and solutions for clients.

The programme is designed for T&O professionals seeking to advance their careers and for new entrants aspiring to embark on T&O careers in the wholesale treasury markets. 

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate understanding of the financial services industry
  • Know the key features and applications of core banking products and services
  • Learn about governance principles, risk management concepts related to banking T&O
  • Gain an overview of the regulatory and compliance framework for banking T&O
  • Learn the core concepts of technology and operations performance management
  • Understand basic principles of finance and accounting
  • Acquire a working knowledge of accounting entries for booking of transactions
  • Know the key financial management concepts
  • Apply financial and operational controls to manage risks
  • Gain an overview of the organizational structure and function of investment banking
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of Operations in client servicing delivery
  • Learn the transaction processing flow, documentation and controls for cash products and derivatives

Who should attend

  • New hires in treasury operations such as settlement officers and business analysts
  • Middle Office Staff such as product controllers, risk managers, auditors and compliance offices
  • IT professionals involved in the design, implementation, maintenance and enhancement of financial markets operation systems
  • Aspiring individuals who are keen to pursue a financial markets T&O careers 

About IBF Certification for Level 1 Programmes

A practitioner who successfully completes an IBF Level 1 Programme will be conferred the IBF Qualified (IBFQ) certification status. 
A practitioner with an IBFQ certification status is one that is equipped with broad-based capabilities and foundation competencies to be ready to undertake new roles. An IBF-certified practitioner is one who epitomizes the values of professional excellence, integrity and a strong commitment to industry development.
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Last updated on 04 Sep 2018 .