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ACI-SMU Financial Markets Certificate (IBF Level 1)

Course Synopsis

Uncertainties created by recent events such as Brexit, aggressive monetary policies, potential policy changes by the new Trump administration has led to increased volatilities in the global financial markets. The need to manage risk exposures has never been more challenging but the turbulent markets also open up many opportunities. Financial market professionals with good knowledge and competencies will be well-placed to bring values to the bank and/or their institutional clients.

Designed for new entrants who aspire to take on front and middle office roles, the ACI-SMU Financial Markets Certificate (IBF Level 1) course aims to deepen their understanding and competencies in global markets. The course has been revamped to map to all competencies under the revised IBF Standards: Financial Markets (IBF Level 1).

The course comprises of two modules. Module 1: Building Blocks looks at market practices of various financial instruments. Module 2: Trading & Treasury Sales drills down on the practical aspects in different functions and activities across the financial markets value chain.

Participants who successfully complete the entire course and pass all the assessments, will be conferred the IBF Qualified (IBFQ) certification by The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF). 

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview of the global financial markets
  • Understand the regulatory framework for financial markets activities
  • Interpret the influence of macro-economic factors on financial markets
  • Distinguish the characteristics and applications of different financial markets instruments
  • Outline the role of investment banks in capital markets activities
  • Differentiate trading and treasury sales functions and activities
  • Identify trading and market-marketing opportunities
  • Structure treasury solutions to meet clients’ needs
  • Complete the documentation, clearing and settlement of financial trades
  • Know the importance of risk and asset-liability management for financial institutions

Who should attend

  • Past participants of the ACI-SMU Financial Markets Certificate (2010-2016) seeking to attain IBF “Qualified” certification for Financial Markets (IBF Level 1)
  • New hires in front, middle and back office functions of financial markets
  • Analyst, associates in trading, institutional sales, product structuring, asset and liability management, product control, risk management and operations
  • IT professionals involved in the design, implementation, maintenance and enhancement of financial markets operation systems
  • Aspiring individuals who are keen to pursue a career in financial markets activities

Last updated on 30 Jul 2018 .