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Corporate Treasury Risk Management

Course Synopsis

Volatilities in the foreign exchange markets have increased as financial markets grapple with unexpected political and economic developments globally.  It is vital for corporate treasurers to make sense of central bank policies and execute appropriate risk management strategies to sustain profitability.

The 2-day workshop focuses on the practical applications of hedging strategies to manage interest rate and foreign exchange exposures. Through case studies, participants will learn to apply different solutions to optimize funding costs, manage foreign currencies liabilities and assets, hedging foreign currencies revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities and acquisitions. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the financial risk management framework
  • Build good relationship with banks
  • Assess capital structure to determine funding strategy
  • Manage interest rate exposures with appropriate solutions
  • Hedge foreign currencies liabilities and assets exposures
  • Learn key factors driving the foreign exchange markets
  • Apply effective strategies to hedge foreign exchange exposures

Who should attend

  • Chief financial officers, corporate treasurers, financial controllers and accountants
  • Professionals involved in business development, corporate financing for mergers and acquisitions
  • Professionals in risk management functions such as audit, risk management
  • Operational support staff in corporate treasury functions

Last updated on 21 Jul 2017 .