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SMU Advanced Certificate: Corporate Banking Solutions (IBF Level 2)

Module 3: Debt Capital Market & Acquisition Financing 

Learning Objectives
  • Gain an overview of corporate advisory services
  • Learn the characteristics and instruments of debt capital markets
  • Know the key factors affecting debt issuance
  • Evaluate financing options between bank loans and bond issuance
  • Understand key considerations of acquisition financing for management/leveraged buyout
  • Perform wallet-sizing to determine opportunity for cross-selling

1. Overview of Corporate Advisory Services

  • Company life cycle and financing options
  • Financing options for corporates

2. Introduction to Debt Capital Markets 

  • Roles and functions of DCM team
  • Features of DCM instruments
  • Mode of execution
  • Bank loan vs. bond issue
  • Case study

3. Approaching the Client 

  • Identify potential DCM deals 
  • Framework for analysis
  • Determine appropriate solutions
  • Factors affecting debt issuance
  • Market and prices assessment
  • Case study

4. Acquisition Financing For Management/ Leverage Buyouts

  • Definitions and purpose
  • Acquisition financing for MBO/LBO
  • Sources of LBO debt servicing & repayment
  • Types of loan security
  • Use of LBO in the Asian context
  • Case study 

5. Wallet Sizing and Cross-Selling

  • Account review and evaluation on current utilisation and future requirements
  • Analyse bank’s wallet share
  • Review bank’s policy on limitations affecting bank’s competitiveness
  • Case assignment

Last updated on 02 May 2018 .