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SMU Certificate: Framework for Conducting Private Equity Due Diligence (IBF Level 2)


Day 1

Due Diligence – A Private Equity Perspective

  •  Initial: proposals and teasers
    – Determine matching of fund strategy & investment size
    – Assess regulatory & other barriers
    – Understand business models
  •  Initial: proposals and teasers
    – Analyse financial strength
    – Evaluate management competency
    – Establish market positioning & competitive advantage
  • Forward looking: Pre-Investment
    – Draw up due diligence framework
    – Verify information memorandum
  • Valuing potential investees

Day 2

Due Diligence Framework

  • What are you buying?
  •  4 Cs framework (capability, competition, customer, cost)
  • Evaluate synergies, risks and exits
  • How to determine walk away price
  • Case studies and lessons learned

Day 3

Due Diligence Case Discussion

  • Evaluate value proposition of business
  • Analyse resources, competitors and financial standing
  • Identify growth strategy, expansion plans and synergies
  • Assess risks and exit opportunities
  • Determine valuation and walk away price

Last updated on 21 Jun 2017 .