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SMU Certificate: Personal Estate Planning (IBF Level 2)

Course Synopsis

In this 4-day practice-oriented workshop, the SMU Certificate: Personal Estate Planning (IBF Level 2) programme adopts a multi-dimensional approach to estate planning by exploring the “hard” and “heart” issues of estate planning. Financial, tax, social and legal issues as well as potential pitfalls are discussed. Participants will learn about estate planning tools such as wills, living trusts, nominations, etc. and how different structures can be used to provide effective and efficient means to meet individual’s estate planning needs. 

Through extensive discussion of real life case studies, participants will learn to apply estate planning principles that incorporate effective strategies to deal with practical issues and potential pitfalls. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand objectives and benefits of estate planning
  • Know key components of an comprehensive estate plan
  • Learn implications of domicile, jurisdiction and taxation
  • Identify assets and potential leakages of an estate
  • Address succession, disputes, multi-generation and special needs planning
  • Adopt different laws of distribution for probate/non probate assets
  • Know the application of different tools and structures
  • Develop comprehensive estate plan for efficient and effective distribution

Who should attend

  • Applicants should have completed a IBF Financial Planning (IBF Level 1) Standards Programme or show proof of competency at level 1; or
  • Professionals with at least 3 years relevant experience as financial planners, insurance advisors, personal financial consultants and relationship managers
  • Professionals working in legal, accounting, tax, trust, custodian, family office services, etc.
  • Individuals keen to learn how to manage their personal or family wealth

Last updated on 29 Jan 2018 .