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SMU Certificate: Personal Estate Planning (IBF Level 2)


Candidates will be assessed on the following competency unit in Financial Planning: Financial Planning (Personal)

CU5. Estate Planning

Format of Assessment

Participants will be assessed through written assessment and case assignment at the end of the course. 


Candidates who are unsuccessful on their first attempt may apply for a re-assessment. Separate assessment fee applies.


If you are not satisfied with your assessment results, you may request that your results be re-tabulated.

The review would only involve checking through the answer scripts to ensure that there were no mistakes in the calculation of marks.

Please note that the decision on your appeal is final. You will not be permitted to re-appeal against the outcome.

Request for re-tabulation must be made in writing within 5 days from the date of release of results. Administrative fee applies for each paper reviewed.

Terms and Conditions

SMU Academy | Financial Services reserves the right to make changes to assessment dates if necessary or due to circumstances beyond our control.


Upon successful completion of the assessments required for this job role, candidates will be awarded the SMU Certificate: Personal Estate Planning (IBF Level 2). 


Last updated on 29 Jan 2018 .